May of Monument

May of Monument

21th Edition  of May of Monuments
This year the theme of the 21st edition of May of monuments
which starts April 24 with the restoration of the tomb of the poet Leopardi and will end June the 2nd
O core 'e Napule.
Chorus , hearts and colors of Naples.

With " chorus"  want to retrace the places of Neapolitan music through the "conservatory"  and all the musical instruments that have shaped the history of the Neapolitan song.
With hearts there is an explicit reference to the love that characterizes all artistic production Neapolitan.
The colors, are associated at the rich natural heritage that characterizes this city

 ... every weekend
music ... love and colors

First weekend in May 1/2/3: Red

Red is the color to predominate in these days. Red like blood to go to the discovery of the bodies exposed in the Chapel of St. severe, better known as anatomical machines. Red like passion and love to retrace all the love stories born in the narrow streets of Naples. Red like the fire of the many craters are still active in the Campi Flegrei. Red as the color that dominates the architecture of the Royal Palace and the Museum of Capodimonte. And finally many culinary events that highlight the symbol of Naples, the pizza.

Second weekend in May 8/9/10: Black and White

These days will be the Black and White to dominate all events organized. You will go to the discovery of all those musical legends, who feel still alive today. In these itineraries also include the ancient conservatory besides the most famous of San Pietro a Majella and all roads that are linked to the Neapolitan song.

Third weekend in May 15/16/17: Blue

The color that dominates the events of this weekend is the Blue. A color that refers to the sea and the sky. Many places will be open that are attributable to the sea and numerous activities organized by air and give the chance to see the city from the sky.

Fourth weekend 22/23/24 May: Yellow

Dominating here is the Yellow. Yellow as the yellow tuff with which much of the city was built and is still visible in ancient Naples, one made by underground routes; yellow to indicate the Gold of Naples made by so many valuables kept secretly in churches and museums. A leitmotif that leads us back to the ancient origins of Naples.

During this weekend was already presented an initiative truly spectacular to be held between Piazza del Plebiscito: the Joust
An event that will catapult us into the Renaissance period with knights on horseback and with armor, football tournaments historic, fencing tournaments, flag wavers and many listed with clothes that era with a parade from the square will come up to the Castle of Angevins  to celebrate a fest  in full Renaissance style.

Fifth weekend 29/30/31 May and June 1/2: Green

This weekend promises to be the longest because it also includes the bridge of the festival on June 2. A few more days and then to enjoy the beautiful initiatives organized that will take you to discover the green side of the city; and  the many public parks


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