The " impossible exhibition "


Complesso Monumentale San Domenico Maggiore
from The 3rd of december to the 31st of August 2014

The " impossible exhibition " Leonardo , Raffaello and Caravaggio , with its immense and fascinating effect of suggestion and pedagogical power is a positive example of how art and , in general, the humanities , may take advantage of the new digital technologies, especially in terms of disclosure. .
The history of art is marked by a succession of various techniques of reproduction: the woodcut etching , drypoint by lithography , photography analogue to digital . The reproducibility is, in this sense, just a hallmark of the modern.
The didactic nature of the exhibition leads us to think that the convent of San Domenico can become , in recent months , a "House of the digital culture " , a kind of laboratory for the youth of the Academy of Fine Arts and the "digital natives" that measure up to the new forms of communication , with the language of new media and the potential of the encounter between humanistic and scientific culture. Beauty and truth are open to a dialogue , we are sure, will involve thousands of young people and many visitors.
 " The Impossible Exhibition " will also make setting for conferences, lectures and performances that are inspired by the life and works of the three great artists , but also moments of discussion and debate on the topic that Benjamin is the background to this project : "the work art in the age of digital reproduction "

Complesso monumentale  di San Domenico Maggiore ( Old Town )